Sacred Cat Rug

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cat fur is almost impossible to spin as it’s fibers are too short and won’t cling to each other. I find it difficult to believe it’s purely cat hair. perhaps, if Egyptian, it may have been spun with linen. secondly, I’m not familiar with tapestry like that in Egyptian history until perhaps the Coptic era. I would love to know more about this piece. thanks. the human foot part I believe. please post more info.

I notice that this article says “While no human being has stepped on it in recent memory…”, yet I know for a certainty this isn’t true. While visiting Florida alone as a teenager in 1975, I was perhaps the only visitor on a particular day, and though the rug is placed at a more vertical angle, I had little choice but to place a foot against it. (And I doubt I’m alone. Anyone…?)
Nothing happened (and I’m still alive as I write this), but my long days drive home did involve several close calls.