Salcoatitán and its ceiba with 300 years of history

According to the ancestors of that town, whoever embraces the Ceiba tree and thanks him with some designation in Nahuatl (Native language) will receive a present from the soul that inhabits it. One of those stories about this imposing Ceiba, which has been told from generation to generation, points out that between 1890 and 1948 around the Ceiba, the drivers of the carts that arrived from the neighboring Sonsonate (A city) used to park with agricultural products to sell. Roberto Álvarez, collaborator of the tourism area of ​​the Mayor’s Office of Salcoatitán (The town), said that according to the grandparents, caravans from Guatemala came to this site.

In the last decade, for tourist purposes, the authorities built around this magnificent tree a beautiful square, and in one of three plates that were placed in this installation was part of that story.

In what is now known as Plaza La Ceiba, the Quetzalcoatl (A Mayan God) painting can be seen.

According to the story, whoever embraces the trunk of the Ceiba and says out loud words of Appreciation in Nahuatl will receive a gift of the spirit enclosed within it.

Regarding this tree, which is just located at the entrance to the town of Salcoatitán, on the road that leads to the municipality of Sonsonate, it is said to be about 300 years old and has reached 30 feet in height and its trunk It is seven meters wide. It is a few meters from the beautiful colonial church.

In the hands of some residents of the Ceiba, , and in which it is appreciated that at their feet there is a group of armed men. It is said that it was a group that participated in the indigenous uprising that took place in 1932.

Óscar Tobar, in charge of the tourist area of ​​the commune and who is 24 years of having come to reside in that municipality, states that “the Ceiba is practically an icon of the town that everyone appreciates.”

Tobar argues that although there are few older residents who give testimony about the Ceiba, it is about transmitting its value to the youngest of the people. “Children are becoming aware from the first year about the importance of nature, and especially of the Ceiba tree”.

More than one tourist visiting Salcoatitán does not miss the opportunity to take a photograph in front of the beautiful Ceiba tree, commented Tobar.

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Have you uploaded an entry to AO of this tree ? If not then you really should do , it sounds brilliant and Central America could do with more entries.

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sure but how do i do that

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