Scuppernong Wine

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One of the best taste memories from growing up in Southampton County Virginia, that cannot be brought into California, my understanding is because of the local grapes and wine industry. Sadly the west will never know the thrill of taking a walk along a path and discovering such sweetness.


While I don’t mind eating Muscadines, the wine is nauseatingly sweet. Might as well chug pancake syrup.

I grew up eating Scuppernongs and Muscadines off the vine. Just the smell reminds of of lazy summer days of my childhood. I’ve had my share of homemade wine from both varietals. I’ve had this particular bottle as well. It really nails the smell. The nose on it a deep rich Scuppernong scent. As @Bkhuna said though, it is just too sweet. I’m not much of a white wine fan in general. I prefer big bodied dry reds. In order to finish this bottle I had to open a dry pinot grigio and mix the two bottles to make it palatable.


Scuppernongs as grapes are tasty, but too sweet as a wine, IMHO.

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The perfect combo for drinking Scuppernog wine is a 1:1 dilution made with Bacardi 151.