Sea Grapes / Umibudo in the US?



Hi there Atlas Obscura Community!
I’ll be travelling to New York at the end of February and heard lots of buzz around the recent sea grapes trend in the US. Is there any good restaurant you can recommend that serves sea grapes (they also call it Umibudo) or know any place that sells them?


I just learned what sea grapes are thanks to this comment. I’m not sure where best to find them yet, but asking around!


I haven’t seen any restaurants in New York that have them just yet but a few in San Francisco have already picked up on the Japanese seaweed trend. There is Far West Fungi for example that features a lovely seaweed platter that includes the sea grapes - see
The only company in the US that distributes sea grapes is - they’re also on Amazon with Prime it seems, so you should be able to get them there and enjoy them at home.
Please keep us updated, always on the lookout for new delicacies!


Thank you so much!


Never heard of sea grapes, anyplace, havent seen in grocery stores or Amazon.