"Searching for ‘Spooklights’ in Southern Georgia" Discussion Thread

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I’m sorry you didn’t see that particular light but they are very much real. The most active one I have ever seen is “The Screven Spooklight.” Located between the sleepy town of Screven and the city of Jesup. If you travel along US84 you will see a road sign for Bennett Road. It will take you down a dirt road half barren from timber cut. You’ll twist and turn until you come upon a simple railroad crossing. If you get out and stand on the crossing look North towards Jesup. If you look south you’ll see a bright red signal for CSX Railroad. That is not the light, but keep in mind trains do use those rails so stay vigilant. Now as you look north and your eyes adjust you’ll see a red small light. This light over time with swing to one side of the track to the other like a conductor walking with a lantern. Sometimes it will change colors and burn brighter as it approaches you. It will however stop a distance away and dim as if someone is walking back with his lantern. Now make no mistake, respect this light. If you curse it or do disrespectful things, well lets just say something else will show up. If you’re ever in that part of the world again. I promise it’s worth a stop.

These lights are common in England, Ireland, Wales. I’ve seen them, too. One thing though: Why do people keep their headlights on? In my experience, you see more when you blend into the night.

I’ve seen the Cogdell light numerous times. I grew up in Clinch County and as teenagers we sought it out many times and many times not seeing it as well. Almost always following the instructions mentioned in the article. Thinking quite a bit about it while seeing it and through the years, it stuck me as some natural phenomenon. It was always white but more hazy and fluid.

There is another light not to far from there on what we called the Lakeland highway. It was Hwy 37. That light I witnessed only once. As a teenager, friends and myself sought that light out as well never seeing it. That light was much more spooky, intense, bright, all encompassing and the one time I did see it, I was alone traveling in a moving car East/Southeast on Hwy 37. I won’t go into all the details here but, things happened then I have no explanation for to this day. It was very unnatural and scared the beejeezus out of me. I hoped I would never see it again and I haven’t.