Seattle Metropolitan Police Museum

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8/10/19 - Not only is it definitely permanently closed, but one cannot even identify the storefront where it once was open.

I would be interested as to why Atlas Obscura keeps these permanently-closed locations posted on the site. Is there some historical purpose? I was in the area, so it was no big deal for me to walk past and see for sure that it is gone. But I could see it as being potentially confusing and frustrating for these defunct locations to remain posted.

Hey @thirdfuerst! We allow former locations to stay on the site for a number of reasons, including as a way to catalog the wonders that once were, as well as to not erase the work of the users who submit their contributions to us. We certainly don’t want things to be confusing, and once a place is marked closed it is removed from our map search. However, we’re still looking at ways to make things more clear. Thanks again for sharing your experience!

Thank you for the clarification! It is helpful to know these posts are read also. I do my best to offer something positive on these visits, especially helpful information to future visitors — but I have offered correction or notes where the information provided in the article is inaccurate or inadequate.


Thank you! I really appreciate you continuing to share your experiences! They’re a joy to read. And I really appreciate the corrections as well!