Secret - Abandoned Brothel

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This is actually a pretty far bit from Litchfield. At first I thought someone was posting something incorrect. Litchfield is about 17 miles from Susanville, and has only 35 people and maybe 6 buildings that aren’t homes. Cafe, 6 room hotel, gas station, feed store, mechanic shop, Heard’s Market. Some of these are closed. The whole town can be walked through in about 2 minutes. There is a railroad track, but no station. That building isn’t in Litchfield. Looks to be at least 20 miles up the road, maybe 40 based on the map. There’s one town called Ravensdale along the way. Smaller that Litchfield even :slight_smile: There are quite a few lone houses and large ranches out that way, and the trains certainly were the lifeblood of the area. Not disputing anything in the article other than the idea it’s part of my home town. A very boring hometown. As kids, we knew every rock and snake in it.

06/13/20 - Either the posted coordinates are wrong, or this place no longer exists (though it is likely both are true). I drove a few miles up Shinn Ranch Rd. to be thorough, but no grove of trees ever popped up — only a lone tree here or there. Please verify location and whether it is still in existence so others do not waste their time.

Thanks for the update, I’ll certainly investigate. Thanks a bunch

I look forward to hearing what you learn. The greatest source of my frustration is the not-knowing. Sure it can be vexing to not find a place, but the exploration is the greater source of fun for me.