Secret Tangier


Taking a day trip to Tangier in October. It seems pretty touristy, especially the medina section of town that we will visit. Any suggestions for something in the medina that isn’t seen or experienced so much? We don’t mind really weird or unusual or difficult. But something uncommon or different! Many Thanks for Any Suggestions! B & C

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Tangier´s medina can be quite touristy but for a day trip it is fine.

There is a cafe with a great rooftop view over the Atlantic called Salon Bleu (can be found on Facebook), another cafe with a view is Cafe Hafa. It can be found in some guide books so it is more popular but still worth a visit.

Another nice place is Cinema / Cafe Rif, it is on the main square (Grand Socco) in the medina. There are a few really different cafes in the medina, they are mostly filled with men, but the atmosphere is different. Can´t remember their names but one is called Cafe Baba.

If you are open to venturing to other parts of town there is a huge local market called Casa Barata, it is different and you will likely be the only tourists there.



And if anyone else is in need of advice regarding Morocco I am here to answer an questions you might have :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you, @pikslmakr! Morocco is such an incredible place!

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Wow! Many thanks for all your suggestions!
I was thinking about Casabarata to check out as a local souk, but now we may spend time there before the medina.
Thanks again! B & C