Sedona 3 Day Stay


Any must sees for 3 day stay in Sedona? Eating places for those who want great Tex-Mex food?

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Lots to see & do around Sedona. If you have a car, a drive up Oak Creek Canyon to slide Rock is fun. Also, the old mining town of Jerome has lots of good restaurants, and shops.
Little Beaver Creek is cool for nature. So is Walnut Canyon, but it’s a little out of the way.
For ruins, there’s Tuzigoot in the Verde Valley, and Motezuma’s Well is not far away.
Have fun! Wish I was going again!
Also, check out the Asylum Restaurant at The Grand Hotel in Jerome. Great food, drinks, and a beautiful sunset view as the sun sets on the red rocks of Sedona in the distance.


I’ve been to Sedona several times with different groups and the V-Bar-V ranch is the place I always go to. It’s the largest known petroglyph site in the valley. It’s little known an unspoiled. Sedona is an amazing place. I love Navajo jewelry. I bypass the fancy (expensive) shops and stop at the jewelry tents at the bottom of Oak Creek Canyon and at the Navajo craft stands at the top. Go out an explore!


I live in Arizona. Not sure why everyone is recommending places outside of Sedona when there is so much to see and do there. Start with a jeep tour (I recommend Pink Jeep). If you’re the outdoors type, stop by The Hike House for recommendations on the perfect hike through the red rocks for your skill level. Or, rent mountain bikes–Sedona has some of the nation’s best mountain biking. If you prefer to be pampered, schedule a spa day at one of the resorts. Browse the art galleries at Tlapaqueque (a shopping area that looks like a Mexican village) or look for souvenirs downtown. I also recommend visiting Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona (great architecture, beautiful views). As far as restaurants, definitely check out Elote. It’s authentic Mexican (not Tex Mex) but so good. And, Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill has outstanding food and views. Oak Creek Canyon is immediately north of Sedona, so I consider it part of Sedona, really. Slide Rock is fun if you have kids. If you want a day trip, Jerome is a good option for antiques and wine tasting rooms (or visit the wineries in Cornville). Or, head north to the Grand Canyon. (It’s one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. You gotta see it at least once!)


Great. I have been to Sedona several times and this time I’m bringing an east coast based friend who has never been to AZ. GC is our 1st day and Jerome we’ll make Jerome also. Hope to visit some of those restaurants.

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Chapel of the Holy Cross!

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There is a fantastic little town called Jerome that is about a 40 minute drive from Sedona. It is full of great galleries, restaurants, and artist studios. It is well worth the trip. If you can, book one night’s stay in one of their very unique B&B’s or the once haunted hotel.

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I’ll second Elote for a fantastic Southwestern dining experience. It’s in the Arabella Hotel and when we were there last 2 years ago they did not take reservations. The line queues up an hour before opening but well worth the wait, IMO.

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If you’re looking for fine dining recommendations, we had a great meal at Rene at Tlaquepaque and an unpleasant one at Che Ah Chi.

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You really need to check out the vortex sites. You will either get it or you wont but no trip to Sedona is complete without this experience. If you can walk a bit get off the main drag and check out Boyton Beach, Budda Beach and Cathrdral Rock and do not miss Church of the Holy Cross.

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I’ve been to all the places that you’ve mentioned.
Good recommendations! Love the Asylum!
Last time I went to Walnut Canyon the “washboard” road was very bumpy, and slow.
Next time, I’ll take a rental car, and spare my suspension. Out of the way, but worth it.

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