Seeking private tour guide in Bruges (June 2019)

In early June 2019 my wife and I will spend three nights in Bruges and seek a guide to show us around the city for at least a half day. Any suggestions based on personal experience?

Bruges is a magical place but it can get overrun. Still, it’s filled with hidden and off the beaten path spots. Last summer I had a great experience with “Legends of Bruges” tours. Legends of Bruges Walking Tours — Legends of Bruges Free Walking Tours Their primary tour is free and it meets in the main square several times a day. Just look for the red shirts. That tour’s a great intro, but the same company operates specialized tours and you can book them privately as well. The guides are primarily from Bruges, they’re young-ish and brimming with perspectives unique to Bruges. Have fun!

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Thank you for the helpful tip. In the process of researching “Legends of Bruges,” I came across Quasimodo’s two tours: Flanders Field day tour and a tour of the area surrounding Bruges. Reviews on Trip Advisor look pretty good. Anyone on this board have experience with them?

@whgwood We did the Quasimodo tour to the Flanders Fields on our first visit a few years ago and that was something truly special.

Last year in Bruges we did a bicycle tour with Quasimundo Bike Tours Bruges and a private tour with Ambassadors of Bruges and that was one of the best tours we ever did. Dimitri, a young teacher, ‘kidnapped’ us and showed us around, took us into the cathedral for a special visit to the art collection and was able to transfer his knowledge and share his passion in a way only a few guides we’ve ever seen can.

We did end up taking the Quasimodo Flanders Field Tour in June 2019 and are glad we did.