I’ve actually made this pastry - in a cooking class in Connecticut. It is very time-consuming and you need A LOT of space. But they are absolutely delicious. Some time later I was changing planes in Rome and found them in a bakery/coffee shop in FCO and they were just as I remembered them.

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10/3/2020 - I was able to find this at Presti’s Bakery in Cleveland’s Little Italy (and I am told it can also be purchased at Corbo’s a block away). I should say that at least at Presti’s, their sfogliatella is so popular that it sells out daily. When I visited on a Friday evening, they were out but the owner encouraged me to place a preorder for the following day, which I did. I am glad I did; it was delicious.

The ‘spinoff version’ of sfogliatella mentioned in the article as Lobster Tail is to be found in the Campania region, usually served with a filling made of cream and chocolate or with chantilly cream.