Share With Us Your Stay-At-Home Playlist!

With multiple governing bodies around the globe urging citizens to stay home, there’s no better time than now to dive down a musical rabbit hole.

Music is therapy and can offer a few moments of peace, solace, and reflection when everything outside those swooping melodies can seem chaotic. And with all the free time we’ve been handed, its the perfect occasion to create that perfect playlist. I know I’ve found myself chasing the old hooks and patterns of Nas’s It Was Written, and the other classics of the era.

(Public Domain/ MARK S.)

Whether you use these tunes to accelerate the spring cleaning, to make it through your workday from home, or have just decided to create an eclectic listening sample for yourself, friends, and family. We’d love to see it in the thread below!

What have you been listening to while staying at home? Have you created different playlists for different moods or times? Or have you discovered a love for a new sound that you finally found the time to dive into? We’d love to know what our community is listening too! Feel free to share any list or links.

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I don’t want to link anybody to my list, because people’s tastes are so different, but I’ve had a great time over the past couple of days making up a playlist of numbers from musicals I love – everything from Showboat and Camelot (the original Julie Andrews version) to Hair and Rocky Horror. It was quite a disappointment when I found that YouTube wouldn’t let me add “We Are Siamese If You Please” (from Lady and the Tramp) after one of the songs from The King and I (although I’m sure it wasn’t YouTube so much as Disney). Great playlist to cook to, I found!

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Music is a comfort at any time for myself, and a great way to reminisce on past adventures. My friends and I had excellent trip to Ibiza last September. One of the many highlights was a snorkelling cruise out to some of the quiet spots around the island. The boat had a speaker system, so I decided to create a Baleric playlist of house/rave anthems, featuring sunkissed music from the likes of Inner City, Last Rhythm, N Joi. Been listening back to those tunes that soundtracked a wonderful afternoons fun.


A banjo doesn’t know any sad music. I never had the dexterity to pluck either as banjo of a guitar, but I love our SONOS music system… music from all over the world.

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I don’t have a playlist per say, but I have been finding some new music.
Some are stranger tracks by bands like The Correspondents or De Staat.
Most, though, is more electronic/house stuff (I usually listen to punk, folk punk, and Canadian indie — things like Shred Kelly, Frank Turner and Dan Mangan) but I’ve been drawn to things like French 79, Kid Francescoli’s Moon, and Flume (or covers by Meute).

Nice Playlist!

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I created a playlist for songs I discovered by watching series and movies and that’s what I’m playing now. Latest addition is the India Song by Carlos D’Alessio for the film with the same title. Not an Indian song at all, but calming and a little bit sad (personally).

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Basically mostly Radiohead and Aphex Twin as they seem to go with the times/crisis we are currently in but pretty much these tracks are recurring right now :

Rhubarb - Aphex Twin
Karma police- Radiohead
Stone in focus - Aphex Twin
An ending - Brian Eno
Packt like sardines in a tin can - Radiohead
Go to sleep - Aphex Twin
Amok - Thom Yorke
All that I need - Radiohead
No surprises - Radiohead
House of cards - Radiohead
Number 1 - Goldfrapp
Might be wrong - Radiohead
Oh la la - Goldfrapp
Train - Goldfrapp
Come down to us- Burial
Idioteque - Radiohead
Heads will roll- The Yeah, yeah, yeahs
Unfinished symphony - Massive Attack
Anthem- Gus Gus
Melancholy hill - Gorillaz
Y control - The Yeah , yeah , yeahs
Stylo- Gorillaz
Lotus flower - Thom Yorke
Supercollider- Radiohead
Tomorrow comes today - Gorillaz
Ingenue- Thom Yorke
Dirge - Death in Vegas
Fitter, happier - Radiohead
Burn the witch - Radiohead
Feel good inc - Gorillaz
La gitana me ha dejado - Meridian brothers
Traffic - Thom Yorke
Lichen - Aphex twin
Blue calcx -Aphex twin
Pi R >2 - Clint Mansell
Tha - Aphex twin
Goodbye horses - Q Lazarus
Wildfire - SBTRKT
All alone - Gorillaz
Strange day - The Cure
Pictures of you - The Cure
Alberto Balsalm - Aphex twin
Transmission - Joy division
Wilderness - Joy division
Shadowplay - Joy division
Love will tear us apart- Joy division
Cities in Dust - Siouxsie and the banshees
Fireworks - Siouxsie and the banshees
Happy house - Siouxsie and the banshees
Hong Kong garden - Siouxsie and the banshees
Salsa del Zombie- Meridian brothers
Ava plague - King plague


I don’t normally listen to music a lot at home, but since the pandemic started, I’ve listened to a lot of musical groups I probably never would have bothered to listen to before: First Aid Kit has quite a few good songs (especially the Lion’s Roar) and it’s oddly fascinating to hear a perfect southern/Appalachian accent coming out of a little Swedish girl. I discovered the Decemberists (I loved June Hymn and Rox in the Box), and in a really weird twist, I’m now a fan of Mongolian metal (Check out The Hu. Wolf Totem is probably their most popular song, but I really like Shireg Shireg. Listening feels like walking your horse through the steppes in the springtime). I even learned a little of the technique behind Mongolian throat singing (because what else have I got to do), and now I can harmonize with myself o_O (I’m also 100% sure my upstairs neighbors think I’m insane by now)

P.S. NPR’s tiny desk concerts are a good source of musical variety. Highly recommend.

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A month later and now I’m listening to a Mad Men playlist. Zou bisou bisou, anyone? Too bad it’s leaving Netflix soon.