Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental Hotel

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Pro-tip for visitors who want to sneak down to the -15th floor without a restaurant reservation or room key: you can take the elevator to the -13th floor, then exit right and there are utility stairs, or left and there’s a staff elevator. Just make sure you don’t go down to the -16th floor, because that’s gross.

Also, I was surprised to read that this hotel claims to be eco-friendly, given that one topic of conversation when we visited was how much energy must be wasted on having the plumbing from 15 floors of hotel rooms, restaurants, and a pool pumped up to ground-level. Then when we (accidentally) visited the -16th floor, there were (unplugged) dehumidifiers every few feet and so much mould, I cannot imagine how much energy goes into keeping it livable in those conditions.

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