Shit on a Shingle

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Sooo, my mom LOVED this dish. I never knew it by any name other than Shit on a Shingle. Totally spooked me the first time mom yelled out, Hey DJ, dinners gonna be shit on a shingle. Say what? Mom always soaked the dried beef to cut the saltiness


That picture is not SoS, it’s creamed chicken. SoS these days in the Army is made with ground beef, not the old fashioned chipped beef. It’s fabulous on toast, with a fried egg on top. I make it with LOTS of freshly ground pepper, some garlic, sometimes even fancy it up with some mushrooms. I had it frequently when I was serving in the Army.

Hi there! It sounds like your toppings definitely enhance the SoS experience! We included that photo of the creamed chicken version because the Navy Historical Foundation mentioned that some modern variations now include other meats (CHOW: Creamed Sliced Beef on Toast (S.O.S.) | Naval Historical Foundation). But we made sure to include photos of other varieties in the piece as well.

This was one of my Poppy’s favorite breakfast dishes. I think my poopy just liked to use profanity colloquially, but it is tastey meal. If you see it on a menu definitely give it a try!