Show me some beautiful fast food restaurants!

[Adam Isserlis/CC BY 2.0]
Ever since I found out about the Linda Mar Taco Bell (agreed to be the most beautiful of all the Taco Bells, which at 7,000 worldwide is saying something) I’ve been fascinated by unexpectedly gorgeous fast food places, whether they’re situated in historical buildings, perched in lovely locales, or built with the most cutting-edge design. So I made this list, “7 of the World’s Most Beautiful Fast-Food Restaurants” and I’d love to keep it growing. Have you ever come across a visually delightful fast food joint in your travels? If so, let me know below! And share a pic if you got it!


While the building itself is nothing special, the outdoor deck and view from the Shake Shack (formerly Ruby’s) at Crystal Cove just north of Laguna Beach, CA is great (and their food is good too).

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I live in San Francisco and drive down Hwy 1 to Monterey often, so I’ve driven by this one a lot. I’m surprised there are only 2
listings so far. There are a lot of fast food restos in Europe in beautiful old buildings. I have a shot of a KFC in Barcelona, but can’t find it. Darn.

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Wow! So it’s called Shake Shack, but it’s not affiliated with the big chain Shake Shack? What a view.

And not just in Europe, either! I was in Cusco, Peru and their main plaza had KFC, McDonalds, all surrounding the main cathedral in old buildings.

I’ve always liked the KFC in Koreatown, Los Angeles.

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Oh wow. I can see the Disney Concert Hall resemblance, now that they mention it!

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There’s one across from the tower of London that’s amazing. It’s stone, you go underground to eat… It’s beautiful and you feel like you’re back in the sixth century!

McDonalds - Budapest, Hungary Western Railwaystation (Nyugati Pályaudvar)

Whoa! Do you know what it’s called?

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This is so beautiful it’s absurd!

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Years ago, I was in Barcelona and came across a Burger King that had taken up residence in a bank building. The floors were large black and white tiles, the servers were where tellers normally would be. All deeply polished oak. To the right of the counter was a curved stairway leading to an open upstairs seating/eating area. The whole place was just elegant, and it made me glad they had used an existing building as opposed to knocking it down to build an ugly fast-food place.

I think the McDonalds building in Rotterdam, the Netherlands is also beautiful. It is in the middle of the city!


This Burger King in Wellington, New Zealand I found quite striking:
Posh Burger King by Amy Jane Mitchell, en Flickr

The interior:
IMG_0755 by Lissa Doty, en Flickr

and at night-time:
Burger King by Patrick Quinn-Graham, en Flickr


Truly a palace for a king!

No pics, but years ago went to the McDonalds on the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. Very swank!

The staff has to wear BOW TIES? This is truly the world’s classiest McDonalds.

Whoa, it’s so elegant! It’s also hysterical that it was made to replace “the ugliest building in Rotterdam” haha

This sounds gorgeous…