Show Us The Interesting Things You've Seen While Out Walking!

With most of the globe hunkered down inside, overtime the days can become repetitive and can seem like a less entertaining version of Groundhog’s Day. One thing that can break that monotony while maintaining social distancing standards is a good old fashioned walk.

(Image: Public Domain/ Olia Gozha)

When you’ve been cooped up too long, the outside world can take on a whole new perspective and look as never before. Perhaps you’ve noticed something you’ve never given much thought to or have uncovered some hidden wonder, natural or otherwise.

In the thread below show us something interesting you have seen recently while out on a walk. Where did your walk take place, and what interesting things did you see? Was it something that had always been there you never noticed or something you newly discovered? Trails are fair game! Post as many photos as you want! Your response may be included in an upcoming round-up on Atlas Obscura!


I could absolutely fill this with stuff I’ve found in the woods. I’ll add two of my faves from recent walks. One, some unknown vessel on the other side of the creek from the trail that I couldn’t get to.

Two, a Merry Christmas balloon from a walk on Christmas eve. I came upon that at the top of a hill at least a mile from anywhere on a trail that’s not heavily traveled. This one made my holiday.


This is on a piece of property that’s owned by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. I’ve been doing a lot of work with them to put a short loop trail in, and there’s so much wild stuff to explore on the rest of the property it’s amazing.


While searching for “The Green Man” (future post) along Glasgow’s Kelvin River, I stumbled upon this miner’s pan. What made this so unusual was that it was brand new, never used. On the bottom was an instructional sticker telling you how to pan for gold! I found what had came for, but decided to leave the item for others to discover.:face_with_monocle:

CIMG0405 CIMG0402




I had (and probably still have somewhere) a pan almost identical to the one pictured that I carried all over Mexico, Central America, Central Texas and Oklahoma. Never found a speck of gold with it. That could explain why the one you found was abandoned. LOL!


Missed opportunity, that could have been the first step in finding gold. You should have taken up that quest!

Perhaps, but maybe I’ve watched too many movies and read enough stories to know that is not how it usually works out. Plus, my own personal experience with the faerie folk has taught me to leave well enough alone.

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The chalk art movement is going strong thanks to lockdown. Just today I saw these brilliant animation-themed murals in Portobello, Edinburgh:

I mean, who could not love a Ghibli shout-out?

And it doesn’t get more interesting than this: