Show Us the 'Ugly' Buildings That You Love



At Michigan State University there’s a parking garage everyone calls “The Habitrail” because it looks something you’d buy for your hamsters. Hated when I attended, love it now!


Wow this one is really eye catchingly terrible. It is so busy. It is working so hard to be ugly in so many different ways


Also, the sadly no longer with us Prentice-Stone Pavilion on the Northwestern hospital campus in downtown Chicago.


That’s the one I was going to add! I love the look of it, but I’ll admit the labyrinthine interior is a frustration. It’s just such a contrast to the rest of the school that I can’t help but like it


The Oceanography & Meteorology Building at Texas A&Maggie !
Dallas City Hall!


Hey markypolo! Thank you for the suggestion, however, I think this probably belongs best in the main thread about ugly buildings you love, so I’m going to move it over there now. Thanks again for posting!


The Parsons building also has two ugly 8-story satellite buildings. I work in one of them. But at least it’s a nice neighborhood to work in.


This is definitely the funkiest chicken (building) in L.A. Possibly the funkiest chicken building anywhere. It’s weird, but I’ve come to appreciate it.



Is it like, some kind of post-modern bucket?


That’s the weird thing, visually, about that place. Old Town Pasadena is so quaint, then you turn a corner and see this blocky supervillain lair.


I got lost so many times.


Also, shout-out to my favorite hodge-podge campus building: the Max Chambers Library at University of Central Oklahoma. The left side was built in the '60s and the right side was tacked on in the 90s (I think). Here is the Google maps link, as it’s the only thing showing the full splendor of this Frankenstein building, random Corinthian columns and all:


All these university buildings have reminded me that the dorm I lived in during my freshman year at Syracuse University was dubbed “the toilet bowl” because of its shape.


This building in Belgrade, Serbia is nicknamed “Toblerone building” after the European chocolate bars with a distinct shape. I can’t find any English articles on it though. It was built in the 60s, the work of a Yugoslav architect Rista Šekerinski. I absolutely adore it. The best part is that the apartments have circular walls



the SciLi at Brown University.
Ugly, like “sore thumb” ugly, a Brutalist '60’s monument to all-nighters and spontaneous crying, home of myth and legend, host of the Naked Donut Run (nude volunteers handing out donuts during finals), the SciLi challenge (14 floors, 14 shots of alcohol. it’s a frat thing), and Good Night Lights (flashlights flicker from the top floor at 8pm every night to say goodnight to the kids at the children’s hospital across town). Also known for its impressive library stacks, and as the home of the largest game of Tetris.


Montreal’s Expo 67 buildings…
Apparently the architect placed the windows strategically so that neighbors wouldn’t see each other.

I didn’t have an original photo. This photo was taken from Wikipedia. Habitat 67 - Wikipedia


I’ve been looking at crochet patterns and the old city/county building looked to me, at first, like another crochet project.


I think these buildings are often a blank canvas for graffiti, allowing us to interact with the building on a personal level in a way we are generally not encouraged to in a public space. Imagine returning 20 years later, and still finding evidence of your student graffiti work in the stairwell :slight_smile:


I went to this building for nearly 5 years and I still got lost because all the hallways looked the same. However it was a decent place to skate and the concrete beach out front was always a welcomed site in April and May. This building is a little extra-special bad because it is surrounded by some of the most beautiful turn-of-the-century limestone buildings west of the Mississippi. This gives it a true “What the?” affect.


Aw… the Good Night Lights!