Show Us the 'Ugly' Buildings That You Love



First building I thought of! Grew up playing on that campus and have always been underwhelmed by Wescoe!



I love the Kaden building in suburban Louisville. It looks like it was designed by someone’s spinster aunt. All that trellis… Kaden Tower - Wikipedia


The Pope Building in downtown Douglasville, GA. So ugly but I do love it. There’s a fire escape on the other side that local runners run up & down. My old office was across the street so I’ve spent years looking at this monster.


As a resident, I totally agree with you. Brutalism is such a key part of the city. Besides the Hirschorn and the SW DC “poverty boxes” (full disclosure: I live in one), I also really love the Department of Energy Building. It is ugly, even to a lover of the genre like me. It’s drafty. It’s in the way. The building is not long for this world, but it is a nice reminder of the old city, before everything was tasteful, beautiful, and glass. James V. Forrestal Building - Wikipedia


St Joseph Hospital in Tacoma, WA (USA). It has wonderful views from all the windows, but the curves seem… unsettling somehow.



I present for your consideration, the Merced County Library in Merced, CA. The missing left side is a mirror image of the side. in the photo. Access is up thr long ramp shown and across a bridge to the second floor. The first floor is sunken 12 feet under ground level. The interior is wonderful with the tall ceiling and the 3rd floor mezzanine.


I love Bethnal Green fire station in East London - particularly the practice tower block on the right and the little pop out window which always has two arm chairs in it.


Combo Hall, Detroit. its…utilitarian. So much history has happened here, and they have done good lighting on it. When the Beautiful , vibrant Detroters are streaming bnb in for in event, Cobos architecture is a forgiving. it’s a tabulation ray
Cobo Hall - Detroit
Oh, they call it Cobo Center nowadays, but it will always be Cobo Hall to me. But the venerable Detroit venue lands at #4 in the ugliest buildings in Michigan. Cobo is the home to the annual North American International Auto Show.


Habitat 47, is it inhabited? Looks like ruins to some lost city.


This was the first building I thought of when question was asked.


The Social Sciences building at the University of California Davis, known as the Death Star, inspires love or loathing. It has endless weird passages and walkways that my teenage sons used for capture the flag games.


I loved studying in Bobst but dang is it ugly.


I want to know he story on this: probably the shortest building for blocks, on some of the most expensive relain estate in America ( coughtax dodgecough)


The old Pirelli building in New Haven…


How interesting! We have very similar buildings in Toronto Canada as well! At least the back view of the building looks a lot like this.


I’m from Toronto, Canada, and I immediately think of the Sheraton hotel downtown. It’s across the street from our City Hall, and in prime tourist district, and it looks like it went through some kind of horrible war. It’s a heck of an eye sore, but I know we’d miss it if it was gone!


Wean Hall at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA - yes, another a Brutalist campus building. But we love it so much that we had t-shirts made.


Plus one on Toronto’s Sheraton hotel. (Though I think a redeeming factor is the ice-skating rink that’s across the street.)



This building in downtown Boise which is apparently called the Golden Eagle. So 80s you can’t not love it!