Show Us the 'Ugly' Buildings That You Love



The color photo shows the loveliness to which you refer; I agree.

Sure do wish those in charge of such places would embrace the value of regular power-washing!


I’m sorry but my perverse mind kicked in on this “building”. It’s really a French tickler for giant aliens! Very, very strange but not ugly. My visual laugh for the day.


How about the AT&T Long Lines Building at 33 Thomas Street in NYC? It was once the hub of all telecommunications in Manhattan.

Picture from Wikipedia.


Unfortunately neglected in many ways, but once you understand the significance of the various components, very cool. The current mayor has successfully worked to make the interior more user friendly and to take advantage of the souring lobby. It brutal, but beautiful.


Belgium is an absolute treasure trove for ugly buildings. Mostly, regulations on style aren’t very strict in Belgium so people can build anything they like. I’m a Belgian living in Germany and I really miss the eclectic building styles, with 20 types of architecture in almost any given street. There’s a guy who’s been collecting them on his blog & Instagram for years:
I like using the “Random” function and being amazed at what some people come up with or think is an amazing idea for a house!


University of Cincinnati’s Crosley Tower (built circa 1969 as a home for chemistry and biology laboratories) was named by Architectural Digest as among America’s ugliest university buildings … It’s currently slated to be torn down (Article


Schmitz Hall at the University of Washington, Seattle WA. I used to work in this building up until last year and it was such a stark contrast to all of the other beautiful and historic buildings on campus.


At California Polytechnic University Pomona (AKA “Cal Poly Pomona”) this was put up. The “Ship Building”:
It is quite famous locally for being so ugly and dysfunctional. We have a friend that worked in the building for more than a few years who has told us that the thing has all SORTS of problems from water leakage and mold to having rooms essentially filled with extremely noxious and toxic chemicals. Lots of weird shaped rooms, corridors to nowhere, etc.
I hear they are tearing it down. . .


I was there only a few days, but am still fascinated by what is now the Hotel International Prague. When communism fell, all they did was change the star on the peak from a red star to a gold star and re-open as a Crown Plaza. Seems they’re no longer part of that chain.


Ha! This totally reminds me of a McMansion gone totally insane (and in a way I sort of appreciate)

I’m probably one of the few who actually love all the brutalist stuff being posted, it’s the drab McMansion bland 90s style architecture I hate so much


YESSS. I was waiting for Wean to make the list :smiley: (CMU alum here as well!)


Love this McMansion Blog:

She also wrote a few pieces for Atlas Obscura:


When I was growing up, Warren Hall at California State University, Hayward (now called East Bay) was a familiar landmark on the hill. I would see it as I drove east on the San Mateo Bridge. The university decided to demolish it in 2013 due to asbestos and seismic concerns. The Hayward Fault is located about a quarter of mile downhill from it. I watched it being imploded and had mixed emotions. Yes, it was ugly but it was a familiar landmark that was always there. I guess I could say it was “my ugly.”

The link to its Wikipedia page includes a clip of the implosion. I went up to the campus a few days later and took a picture of the rubble. It was surreal.


I actually love the Jiffy Pop chic look of this place!


Crosley Tower at the University of Cincinnati. Even Architecture Digest called it one the the ugliest buildings on any American college campus

Add to this the “iconic” Vontz Center for molecular genetics:


Robarts Library at the University of Toronto. It looks like an ugly concrete 2D pixel peacock.



Yes, it is inhabited. It’s an iconic building that was built for the Expo 67, so it’s sought after by many.



This is the Louis L. Manderino Library at California University of Pennsylvania. One of my favorite places to be when I was in college there, but one of the ugliest buildings I’ve ever seen.


The first time I saw Frank Lloyd Wright’s Grady Gammage Auditorium at Arizona State University I laughed out loud. Still think it’s literally one of the loopiest creations, heartuggingly ugly like the wrong wedding dress.



That’s the goofiest adobe carousel I’ve ever seen.