Show Us the 'Ugly' Buildings That You Love



As a matter of fact, yes. Well, maybe. It’s supposed to recall the shape of a KFC bucket of chicken. (That’s what I’ve read, anyway, no idea if it’s true.)


I believe that is the worlds largest hotel- if so it’s beautiful inside and has some of the worlds best food, even for employees


If you like Plaza tower then you’re going to love this Instagram account: TowerFantasy (@towerfantasy) • Instagram photos and videos


In Milton Keynes there is a building everyone loves to hate: The Point. It is apparently going to be demolished soon but at one time this was relatively famous as the home of the UK’s first multiplex. It also used to light up at night and it could be seen for miles.

By stone40, CC BY-SA 3.0, File:MK, The Point - panoramio.jpg - Wikimedia Commons


The Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex is jumble of different grand architectural styles (a sort of architectural petting zoo) . The neo-classical Capitol building with its emerald dome (a half-scale ‘homage’ to St Peters Basilica) and grand staircase (in imitation of the Paris Opera House) gets most of the attention, but I’ve noticed that first time visitors are almost always intrigued by and comment on the monolithic and inscrutable State Archives Building. Something like “What’s that for, the Illuminati?”

The needs of the state archives have long outgrown this building and they are moving out. They are currently trying to think of an adaptive reuse or replacement structure. I hope they keep it. As cold and uninviting as it may appear from most approaches, Once you get there it is surprisingly homey and cloister-like. The first floor -the only floor generally accessible to the public, is accessed via a pleasant corner greenspace shared with the Pennsylvania State Museum. You enter the Archives through a set of great gates in the center of 3 portals and then pass through a shady (somewhat neglected) garden fore-court.
Of course I can’t find any decent photos of the gates or forecourt because all anyone ever photographs is the peculiar monolith. here’s a map view.


I submit 2 from my college Cal Poly San Luis Obispo-
The slopes one is the performing arts building - the boxy one is the library


My vote for “ugly” building I love is the William J Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, AR.


Of course I love that building, as some of the happiest days of my life were spent there. I went back last year, and the (concrete) smell in the stairwells actually brought tears to my eyes. It was the exact same smell from 35 years ago. What a wonderful place on a wonderful campus…


Excellent description!


I’m sure it’s in here somewhere, but the FBI Headquarters building in DC. It’s on life support, unfortunately, but I’d love to see preservationists get behind trying to save it.


The ATF building in NE DC was considered an atrocity when they built it. It’s grown on me over the last several years. It was built circa 20017, but looks… older?


Ooops! It was built circa 2007, not '17!


I spent a year of my student life at Loughborough university with a view of the Pilkington library, which is like an upturned four-sided pyramid. I loved it, as it seemed to embody what university is all about - change, and seeing life from a new perspective. At the time it made me wonder why people so often call such buildings ugly, because they tend to look like natural rock outcrops to me, but a bit smoother and with all the precision of an Egyptian pyramid.

Loughborough university library building


The Humanities Building at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Already saw Helen C White Library, but Humanities is far uglier. Because of it’s odd shape and hard to navigate interior it’s rumored to be riot proof. When I was in school there my friends & I decided it would make a great video game level. Every campus master plan has it being torn down, yet it lives on. I admire it’s tenacity.



So intriguing! Do you know of any books or documents about this old church in Strasbourg? I’d love to learn more but I didn’t find anything after a quick google search.


Here it comes, windowless beauty with three crowns

(Image: M.Rzepkowski, cc-by-sa-2.5)


Woah, I’ve never seen that building before and this picture just grabbed me. Love it! Hope to see it in person someday.


Oh, man, I love the super space-age, Brazilia-esque, Albany government complex. I have some pictures I took of it years ago, will look for 'em to post.


Yep, that’s it indeed. The Marina Bay Sands.