Show Us the World's Greatest Swimming Pools

It’s summertime and I want to go to the pool. I belong to a conflicted subset of summer lovers that’re terrified of the ocean, but absolutely love swimming (I contain multitudes). So I tend to have a special affinity for a good swimming pool. Luckily, all across the globe, there are incredible man-made pools where one can swim without having to worry about the threat of sea creatures or river monsters. From Iceland’s remote and historic Seljavallalaug pool to the hilariously ostentatious rooftop pool at the Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore, there are wondrous places to take a dip. Now tell us about your favorite and unforgettable swimming pools!

(Image: Jay/Public Domain)

In the comments below tell us about your favorite incredible swimming pool, how you discovered it, and your favorite memory about it. If you have any pictures of your perfect swimming hole, be sure to include those as well. Your submission may be included in a roundup article on Atlas Obscura. Now, dive in!


For sheer size and Texas charm, pretty hard to beat this:

(Just watch out for the Rattlesnakes.)

It’s huuuuuuuge.

And when I visited, I there was a rainbow.


Stadbad Mitte - Berlin

Exterior is a non descript 20’s - 30’s Berlin Government Buidling, inside is a modernist masterpiece of glass, bathing the swimmers in natural day light.

I travel a bit with work and collect swimming pools. Mostly municipal pools. I like the cultrual differences in the rules and regs of using them, often they’re a reflection of the society they’re in.


That’s such a cool way to experience a new place! Thank you for sharing!


After a long drive and a night or two sleeping in a rental car with my travel buddy, the pool at Hofsos in northern Iceland is undoubtedly the greatest one I’ve found. It was lightly snowing as we watched the sunset between laps.


Maybe not a pool for swimming, but the sitting pool atop Hotel Berg in Keflavík, Iceland is a stunner.


Gotta include the one in Singapore atop the Marina Bay Sands (taken in 2011).


Everyone (rightly) raves about the ridiculously ostentatious pool at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore… but few people know that neighbouring Malaysia has a similarly flamboyant infinity pool overlooking the incomparable Petronas Towers. And what this pool lacks in size, it more than makes up for in accessibility… the pool is located inside The Face Suites. A quick search inside Airbnb will show that there are usually plenty of (incredibly affordable) apartments for rent inside The Face, which gives all guests access to the pool.

Located on the 51st floor, this 38-metre long and borderless pool is a great place to float around while watching KL’s skyline transform from day to night.



Victoria Beach Tide Pool in Laguna Beach, CA

Four Seasons Resort Bali At Sayan

To Sua Ocean Trench Pool in Samoa

Center Parcs De Eemhof in Netherlands

Luxury Infinity Pool by Marcel Marongiu in Mexico

Grutas De Tolantongo hot springs, also in Mexico

Swimming pool with retractable marble floor

Hearst Castle outdoor pool, in San Simeon, CA

and the indoor one

This backyard pool

and this one

The rooftop pool in France

Manon les Suites in Copenhagen

This amazing pool in Dubrovnik, Croatia, built on the ruins of 15th century house

And, finally, my backyard (in my dreams!)


This little pool in New Orleans at the Hotel Provincial. :heart:


All fabulous. I want to swim in all of them. But my favorite (other than the one in the backyard is the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Of course it must be remembered that it is basically the result of an industrial accident or oversight.


Venetian Pool in Coral Gables, Florida was an oolite rock quarry in the 1920s when Coral Gables was being developed. A cement bottom was added afterwards, and it was filled with water. Buster Crabbe used to dive off a 30 foot tower into eight feet of water. Now on the historic register, VP holds just under a million gallons of heavily chlorinated water. In the 50s, it was drained every night in the summer (45 minutes) and filled from the aquifer (12 hours). On a hot day in the summer, there might be 1000 people in the pool. On July 4, the number could go up to 1500. Just think of all the pee!



Barton Springs pool in central Austin, the heart and soul of the City. While not as big as Balmorhea, it’s a bit easier to get to!


And it’s the primary home of an endangered species known as the Barton Springs Salamander.

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The world’s greatest pool when I was a child (my world was pretty small then) was the Terrell Wells swimming pool. Its greatness was due to its terrible smell, and it was nicknamed “Terrible Smells” because it was filled with warm sulphur water that smelled like rotten eggs. It was the only public pool on our side of town, so when we grew older we quickly learned the way to the pool on the other side of town!

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Graycliff Hotel in Old Nassau, Bahamas. I only wish that I had come prepared to take a dip, it would have been well worth the daily fee. Better still would be to stay and dine there - I’m saving up for that trip.

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The pool at San Alfonso del Mar in Chile currently holds the record for being the biggest in the world, it may as well be a small ocean. Wonder if someone ever complained about it being too crowded. :smirk:


This list is amazing thanks for sharing these incredible pools!


The chilly salt waters of the Tinside Lido in Plymouth, UK.

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