Show Us Your Favorite Local Mascot

Mascots are really good at getting people psyched up, but they’re also really good at telling you a little bit about local history and culture! Behind the seemingly random goofball cartoon designs of many mascots there are hints at the regional trivia that inspired them. Check out a selection of our readers’ favorite mascots below, and then tell us about your favorite mascot character!

Our local high school mascot, The Bangor Slater, celebrating the slate industry. I get that, but he is one scary looking dude. Bangor, PA


Every last person in Los Angeles knows exactly what you’re talking about when you mention the Circus Liquor Clown.

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Ha, wow, those are two scary mascots. Thanks for sharing!

In the shadow of Bethlehem PA, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs are a beloved AAA ball team.
First, their name is derived from the Steel industy term Pig Iron. Bethlehem Steel is a well known industry in the area.
The Mascots are also thematacally named:
First there is FeRROUS:
He wears #26, the Atomic number for Iron.
Next is FeFe:
“Fe” is the atomic symbol of Iron, and she wears number 8, which is the Atomic Group

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And some people think science isn’t fun. This is perfect.