Show Us Your Favorite Roadside "Big Thing"

How the heck do you post a photo on this?

How about a giant basket of olives, in the middle of a roundabout near Ronda, Spain.


thats so clever lol

Stationed in Korea 1993, we drove to the north to Seoraksan National Park, we just crossed the 38th Parallel and this monument was at the Highway rest area (Turtles are for good fortune and longevity) at the top were dragons.



Vegreville, Alberta, Canada: World’s Largest Easter Egg - The Pysanka


There’s a giant blue ribbon beer can on its side on the north side of I-15 north of Vegas.

The Peachoid, in Gaffney, South Carolina! My family drives past it almost every year, and never fails to gawk at it.


Where is this?! I am going to Ronda soon!

The tiny town of Casey, Illinois, along highway 70 about an hour from Indiana, is home to 7 of the world’s largest things (verified by Guiness) and a bunch of other big stuff. Golf tee, knitting needles, crochet hook, wind chimes, mailbox, rocking chair, wooden shoes. My family discovered it by accident a few years ago and we return once in a while to see what they have added.



Ronda is awesome. Most romantic place I’ve ever been.
Here is that roundabout on a map:,-5.0908705,16.61z

Thank you very much!

Next time you’re in Tulsa, pack a picnic lunch and head for the Blue Whale

- everybody’s favorite concrete critter located north of town in Catoosa on Route 66.


Lucy the Elephant in Margate NJ358px-Lucy_the_Margate_Elephant_HABS_NJ%2C1-MARGCI%2C1-7


So driving around rural Saudi Arabia recently, and they love the big stuff. Some are really obscure, some are horrendous, occasionally there is real talent. Mostly totally sincere. This is the cream of the crop. Sorry if it’s too many - this seems like the right place for them.


On Rt. 202 North,south of Flemington NJ are 2 oversized Adiromdack chairs painted bright yellow. Yellow is my wifes favorite color and I jokingly offered to steal one for her.

The chairs appear at 8 seconds in the video…
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How is it possible that you included the world’s largest frying pan in Long Beach WA and neglected the world’s largest razor clam (that spits water for a quarter) standing right next to it:

Also, right across the street at the amazing Marsh’s Free Museum (home of Jake the Alligator Man) there are a pair of the world’s largest chopsticks right in front:


In addition to the world’s largest bison in Jamestown ND and the sculptures on the Enchanted Highway posted by another reader, I-94 also hosts Salem Sue, the world’s largest cow in New Salem ND:

As well as Sandy, the world’s largest sandhill crane in Steele ND:


They could very well be. I do know that school groups on field trips could get their water containers filled up with soda if they wanted it and lots of kids had Coleman jugs.

From a Reddit nostalgia thread


My mom wouldn’t let us stop there either, so when on a business trip as an adult, I finally went there. What wonderful tacky souvenirs! I brought some home with me, including a Confederate flag that was only used as a curtain and the house was back a long lane, so nobody ever saw the flag.

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Beautiful nursery! I li