Show us your favorite school/university foods!

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Hey guys!

So my college reunion is very cancelled this year, and every student I know is attending classes online and eating lunch in mom’s kitchen instead of the dining hall. But lots of schools have indispensable foods that they swear by, and I want to make a list of tasty campus treats that people can make at home!

I’m looking for everything from grade-school favorites like Cheese Zombies (a West-Coast cafeteria favorite) to the king of college desserts, the University of Richmond’s Jersey Dirt. Feel free to post everything from recipes to reminiscences below, just let me know what school/region the food is from, and it might end up in an AO article!

Stay healthy, everyone!

USNA. 3 words: Buffalo. Chicken. Sandwich. Literally everyone’s favorite. Go Navy! Beat army!

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Very cancelled??? Very bad grammar.

@ Uncle_Deadly That looks amazing, I’ll look into it!
@ lsjf001 Thanks for reading! I was trying for a more upbeat tone, so I took some liberties. Here’s hoping my reunion gets rescheduled!

Not necessarily linked to any single school or university, but breakfasts in Mexico are often grouped with nicknames, like the Continental and English are in other countries.

Over there you often find desayunos like the minero (miners’), americano (American) and, to the point, estudiantil (students’). Its association with students comes from the cheap cost of its defining dish: molletes.

Refried beans are spread on slices of bread like teleras and bolillos (slightly different shapes, both based on recipes brought to Mexico by French bakers), topped with cheese and either baked or just broiled under a salamander for a gratin effect, they’ll be served with pico de gallo to cut through the richness.
Molletes by Sriniv.K, en Flickr