Show Us Your Favorite Secret Stairway

Just a sweet small stairway below our 3rd floor condo window. In the summer and fall it is hidden amidst the trees. It is part of the Portland Trails on the East End Of Portland, Maine. Casco Bay is just a few yards away. It is like my own little gem.


Staircase at the San Francisco MOMA. There is always something special at the top (or the bottom).


You may need to zoom to see them, but these regular-sized stairs are dwarfed by the immense cave structure at Batu Caves, Selangor in Malaysia.

I love how insignificant this human imprint becomes when compared to the caves… but also how the stairs give some perspective on the true vastness of the chamber.

This photo was taken during the excellent “Dark Cave” tour, nearby the more famous Hindu temple cave. Unfortunately I’ve just learned that the “Dark Cave” tours have recently closed, after eight years of operation. It’s unclear if (or when) they will reopen. So for now at least, these stairs are the very definition of “secret”.


Did you take all these photographs? They’re so beautiful :raised_hands:t3:

No need to apologise for quality content :smile:

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Yes, I did.
Thanks for the kind words! :slight_smile:


Glorious walk up to the Malvern Hills in the UK.


The Strahov Library at the Strahov Monastery in Prague.


Whoa, this is an incredible staircase.

I love these tender little steps.

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Water Gardens in Fort Worth TX

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Thank you so much! I admire and abide by Thoreau’s teaching and philosophy. My traveling is hindered now, so I take particular joy in my immediate surroundings. You just made my day! :blush:


Stunning! Hope to get there someday.

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Great eye and great pictures

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these are beautiful!

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Not as grand as some of the beauties in this thread, but I thought it was cool :slight_smile:

This is a tight, narrow staircase in the Castillo San Felipe del Morro, a 16th century fort in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was used by soldiers to get back and forth from the upper fortification area to the lower cannons lining the wall along the entrance to the harbor.


This stairway is at one of my favorite hotels, which is directly across from the amazing Guggenheim in Bilbao - Gran Hotel Domine Bilbao.


Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra Portugal - outside Lisbon. Very hard to get a great shot of this staircase. It goes down into the ground like a well. Definitely worth seeing this and all of Regaleira house and grounds.


I love the ones in Italy and Germany, great pictures mnml

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Not a secret, but an incredible staircase. Radio City Music Hall main stairway.


Spiral staircase in the electric room at the museum of technology in Cambridge. Inspiration for a site-specific sound art installation last month
Monument — Cambridge Museum of Technology