Show Us Your Travel Souvenir Collection

I started out collecting some type of trinket that reminds we of the place I’ve visited. Belgium I got a statue of Mannekem Pis, 3 marble pyramids in Egypt, a beer stein in Germany, a statue of a rooster in Portugal etc. I would display them in my bookcases. Fortunately, I travel quite a bit and I finally stopped getting the trinkets. I then switched to playing cards …I’ve since given most to my adult son who has shoe boxes full of them. I collect sand when I can a put in antique bottles. I really just take photos most of the time now. But, I’ve recently started going to outside markets and buying a little piece of jewelry or picking up something made locally.


Oooh ooh - I might have to steal this idea for my Tacky Salt & Pepper Shaker collection. Or has someone already done that? :wink:


I collet magnets, too. In my apartment I have rental door frames, so I put them there. Lovely to remember special spots.


For the most part, I don’t collect physical items of any kind - they’d just clutter the house, and I don’t love spending money on things with no real use. I have recently decided that my home bar should have a souvenir shot glass from each place I’ve been that has a strong association with spirits or cocktails, but not everywhere I’ve been, just specific places (like Vegas, New Orleans, etc.)

I have a much nicer way of commemorating, remembering, etc, everywhere I’ve been: I write yelp reviews of everything. That way I’m helping other people, it doesn’t cost anything (other than the price of the food/drinks I ordered, which I would have done anyway), I don’t have to schlep any trinkets home, and I can look back at all the awesome places I’ve been, whenever I want, online. :slight_smile: (Extra bonus, I’m also yelp elite, so I get invited to nifty yelp parties a few times a year. :p)

My wife collects pins and magnets, though - I don’t totally understand it, but she seems to enjoy it. I like my way more, though.


We collect Christmas ornaments. The kitchier and more representative of the place the better. We have one from everywhere we have gone and every year at Christmas it’s fun to remember our trips while decorating the tree.


We used to travel for business and trade shows for the wine industry. Now retired we travel for wine and beer. The collection started as giveaways from vendors. Now we buy meaningful ones for ourselves.
Each brings back memories. A small mom and pop winery in Tuscany, or old caves in France.
The board they are attached to came from an Oregon scrap pile. Some are unique, but many are average.
We’re off to Eastern Europe this year for more.


Refrigerator Magnets–must be handmade or at least, hand painted.

Fuzzy reindeer from Baden Baden, ceramic sardines from Porto, Portugal, window from Tavira, Portugal, etc.
I hope photo shows up.

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I collect charms and other items such as a tiny piece of sea glass from Greece, an antique key from France, for a charm bracelet. I’m now completing my fourth bracelet. I also like to buy small items from local artists.


My husband and I do the same: ornaments for the places we have visited together. It’s great for memories and telling good stories to the rest of the family!


Sand. So far I have black from Iceland, red from Prince Edward Island, and white from Wales.
Bookmarks. They might be from a souvenir shop, local bookstore or public library
Playing cards.


How delightful! I have 2 or 3 myself but I didn’t really think of them as souvenirs until seeing this. I just like ghost stories. lol


I have started a stretched penny collection, though I’m not very far along, yet. I want to stamp holes into them and chain them together to build a sort of bead curtain for my (eventual) camper van!


super cool and unique :love_you_gesture:

Nowadays I’m trying to keep my souvenirs small so primarily collectible medallions, challenge coins, tokens and such. But I collect pretty much anything travel related - maps, guides, brochures, decals, patches and pins.


As a h.s. teacher, I’d get annoyed at parents who would pull their kids mid-semester for a family vacation, rather than during standard spring break or holiday breaks, and so in response to requests for advance assignments (which rarely were completed) I would reply “bring me proof you were on vacation, not just staying home, ditching school,” etc. Don’t buy things (tacky souvenirs), don’t steal things—finally I struck on a formula for anyone going on vacation, whenever: “Bring me a rock—bigger than a golf ball, smaller than a baseball,” and it was a hit.
For one, parents liked it because it gave mopey teenagers something to do instead of complain–“find Mr. C a rock”; friends and relatives going to exotic places gladly obliged my weird request. I have several baskets full of rocks from around the U.S. and around the world; my goal is to someday take them all back . . .


I have a windbreaker from my teen years; upon the chest I sewed a “Free Spirit” patch; upon a sleeve I sewed a “U.S. Female” patch which resembled the post office logo. And then on the back, over time, I sewed the Voyager patches from the 48 contiguous states I visited. (The last was Oregon, for my honeymoon 6 years ago. I’ve also been to all but 2 Canadian provinces. And Italy – Milan, Rome, and Naples – 3 times.) I was born with a progressively-disabling genetic condition. I’m now 58, and permanently partially-disabled. So I got my traveling in while I could. I’m semi-retired, but work 4 days a week doing what I love, and will continue to enjoy every drop of life I can for as long as I’m able!


My wife and I do the same! One of favorite parts of Christmas each year is getting out those ornaments and remembering the trip on which each one was acquired. (This, of course, is always done with a drink in hand.)


Hahaha, good goal!

I have a collection of about 40 blue and white plates that I’ve accumulated during my travels. They are from Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Turkey, Hungary, Russia, and England. Obviously, there are a few duplicates. They are hanging on my dining room wall, which is red, and make a striking display. Walldishes%203-6-19


I collect “Floaty Pens” The writing ink pens with a scene that changes when you tilt it. A “bear floats into the forest” etc. They are fun, useable and easy to pack.