Show Us Your Travel Souvenir Collection

Over 400 lapel/hat pins on a cork board. Old and new. See the Atomium from the 1958 World’s Fair in Brussels (upper left quadrant) and the medallion for climbing the Great Wall of China (lower right quadrant). Blue Angels jet in the top right corner and every state in the Union.


Aw that sounds awesome. I love the idea of periodically swapping out your family memories to keep them all fresh!

That’s a terrific display idea! Those look awesome.

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This theme room sounds incredible. I’d love to see more pics!

Jewelry either rings or pendants. Two of my favorites are a rhodochrosite ring from Colorado and a Mexican Fire opal ring from Cozumel. Another favorite is a Petoskey stone pendant from Michigan.
Hoping to get some amber from the DR on my next vacation.


Since I was 5, I’ve collected souvenir buildings from every place I have been. Getting a model of the buildings or monuments I’ve visited helps me remember what I did on that vacation or even exploring that certain place. Over the years, it has grown into quite a large city, and sometimes family or friends have gotten me buildings from their travels as well


Super cool you have kept a collection going this long, Kudos. :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture: What made you started in collecting buildings?


Thanks! I think what started it was my fascination with architecture and world monuments. I like the fact I can take a building back with me and appreciate it with the memories that it holds, even if I can’t travel to the real thing that day. They do have a lot of metal building models out there—I prefer painted resin models as it makes my collection more colorful and feels more realistic.


I do the flattened pennies also! :slight_smile:

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Masks! I’ve been collecting masks for some time, from all over the planet. They reveal so much about a culture, either by what they try to hide, what the wearer attempts to be seen as, or accomplish. I have around 50 so far.
China, Malaysia, Thailand, Alaska, Mexico, Morocco, Japan, Philippines, USA, Italy, Russia, Hawaii, Indonesia . . .


Not sure if this link will work, but here are some on my Facebook page:


Oh that’s so cool!

Thats so cool! Keep it going

I feel like this is the ideal souvenir

This is awesome! I also collect buildings but I prefer the metal ones instead of resin but I have some of those too. My collection is much smaller but hopefully will continue to grow as I keep traveling!


Mint tins! It’s a new thing I’ve started (and I’m in the process of moving so a few more are already packed away) but I love that it’s a small, practical, and reusable option to remember a vacation! (Also, I’m a sucker for miniature things!)


I collect magnets, though I prefer molded ones that are unique to the place rather than the generic ones that have a name stuck on it. I have smaller sub-collections made from casino chips and hat pins from MLB parks.

I also collect honey from places I’ve been. I have 30+ jars from DE to HI to Kilimanjaro. As you might expect, the more far-flung honeys last a long time. Top row: Serbia, Austria, Bermuda (the one that started the collection), NC. Bottom row: Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Tanzania, England, PA.


I’ve always loved the ocean and the beaches that come with them. 40 years ago my career allowed me to travel extensively and I began to collect a few ounces of beach sand from shorelines in North and South America,Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans, Europe, etc. Each is kept in carefully labeled small bottles with the name and location of each beach. Last count there are 264. From the black of Martinique and the Azores to the pink of Bermuda and the white of the Seychelles, they never fail to bring back fond memories. The whitest is technically not sand, but fine powdery coral dust from the Bahamas. I must confess that the rarest is likely from the Galapagos Islands where your forbidden to touch or take anything. I couldn’t resist pushing some of the beach into my boat shoes and retrieving it when I was ashore back in Chile.


Try our black iron sand. Great stuff, except for walking on with bare feet in hot weather.

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Where might these black sands be? The tan/white ones can get very hot also. Many Mexican resorts actually have water sprayers to create a path to the waters edge.

This is lovely! I’m going to move this conversation to the larger conversation about travel souvenirs!