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This description is wrong. Presumably, according to the archaeologists, the lion head existed, but it doesn’t anymore. The staircase goes between two carved lion paws, but that’s all. And I wouldn’t call it an easy climb; between the heat, bees, the roughly carved steps and apparently the crowds (I was there on a hartal day, so we were the only ones), it’s not a walk in the park. It’s beautiful, but not as described in the article.


Good to know. Appreciate your comment.

Youtube vlogger Harald Baldr posted a video of the whole complex, and hiked to the top in his Sri Lankan series. DEFINITELY worth a perusal!

Thank you Nightfall

When we called in to Sri Lanka on our way to Australiaby ship, we went on a bus tour to Colombia As we patted this rock we were told it was called Bible Mountain. Our guide was a real ghoul , pointing out places of interest on the way, told us that recently a schoolgirl, unhappy at school had jumped off the mount.