Silver Dome Ballroom

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Cool building, but…what is it about the dance floor that makes it unique? Why did they call it the “floating dance floor”? Really curious!


Looks like the writer missed a great opportunity. Theres loads more info here:


(see Sprung floor - Wikipedia). Apparently not uncommon, should have been addressed in the article!

Not only did they not discuss it, there wasn’t even a photo of the interior! Very disappointing. Thanks jacs for the link to a more detailed article!


There is a hotel with a floating lobby(?) I forget the details but people love to dance there. Can anyone write an article about a modern floater?

Yes their web site not only describes the floating floor, but also the unique Lamella truss, which is very cool indeed. Suggested adding details about both the floor and dome along with pictures. Here is a web page with some history of the truss system.

Thanks jacs and carlsont. I was pretty confused about why this info wasn’t included in the article.

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form website : "Another most remarkable feature of the Silver Dome’s construction is that the ballroom rests on dozens of concrete piers which hold the entire structure about a foot off the ground. This design not only allows sufficient airflow to prevent the floor beams, flooring and other foundation materials from rotting, it also provides such “give” to the dance floor that dancers report being able to dance for hours without discomfort as compared to other, less-forgiving dance floors. Area dancers describe it as a “floating” dance floor.


‘Floating Dance Floor’

There is a restaurant in Victoria BC Canada that also has a ‘floating dance floor’. McMorran’s Restaurant was built in the early to mid 1900’s. It was THE place to go for dancing as the floating floor meant that you were less tired after dancing the night away. While the restaurant has a new name (The Beach House Restaurant) and is an event venue, I believe they still have the dance floor.

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Thanks, Eric. Yes, it was meant to go there, but I didn’t find any other route. Can
you tell me how, for future reference, please?


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Thanks, jacs! Fascinating details, and the truss information is a bonus!

I’ve been coming to this area for years and never knew about this. I looked up “What’s Near Me” tonight just to tell someone about Atlas Obsura. And this popped up!
I can’t wait to see this! If I can get a tour I’ll be sure to add some pics!

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Yay! I love when we can find the wonders in our own backyards!