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Its really a mess relying heavily on mayo. In my hometown Örebro you also often roll the sides in crushed cheese doodles making them all yellow.
They can really have any type of theme like tropic (pineapple, chicken and ham) or seafood (roe, cured salmon and shrimps). Quite often they contain canned vegetables like peas, carrots and asparagus.
They come from a time when sweden hadn´t discovered french cuisine and the swedish cuisine was really really bad. This blog translated into “the brown food” contains some other swedish food horrors.

So sorry your family didn’t know how to cook… or construct a great smörgåstorta.
All the ones I recall were lush savory marvels of pure protein with barely enough mixers (cream, some butter and sometimes mayo) and swoops of lemon swirls and cucumber fans and shrimp tails for days.