So what do people do about photos?


The only place I know to go on creative commons is wikipedia and a couple of the places I’ve been to that I was thinking of submitting are too obacure for wikipedia (which is probably what you guys want) and maybe I forgot to take a picture when i went there. So what now?


You can search Flickr for Creative Commons photos! Here’s the main page with info:

There is also an option to filter Flickr search results by CC license along with this joint archive with the Library of Congress of public domain pictures:

Hope that helps!


This is a good question, and thanks for the tips @shatomica! In general we definitely prefer users submit places and foods with their own original pictures, but if you want to find outside images, Creative Commons is the way to go. You can look at this search which automatically has CC search buttons for Flickr and Google Images:

Our editors will often also search these places for usable photos if more are needed to show off a place or food, so if you don’t have original images to share, don’t put yourself out trying to source multiple images. Thanks again for the great question!


You can also email the place if it has people working there. They will often give you pictures if you promise some exposure.


While this is not a bad last case scenario, I hesitate to encourage most users to work to get permission from a place to use its photos, since in those cases, we will have to reconfirm that approval anyway. It can create an unnecessary extra layer of work for our readers. If we need to reach out to a specific entity for images, our editors can most often look into that.


I like that youre trying to get ppl to not waste too much time, Eric, but in this case I used to intern there so it was a relatively simple call I made this morning which would have been simpler than using cc searches. They said they’ll email me some photos and even let me know who to credit. So what box do I check off when I submit it?


In that case, I would recommend adding as much credit information about the photos as you can when uploading them. The database editors can then take any further action necessary.


I’ve never had problems with pictures that I submitted with permission of the creators to be fair. (I forward the email to places@) Getting it through without pictures is near impossible, so its a bit of a chicken or egg dilemma I think.


Well I could also encoirage them to submit those same pics to creative commons.

A couple other questions:
1 how mqny pics generally do they need to approve a place?
2 Ive never submitted a place, whats the general timelime btw? Someone said if they dont take it right away it generally means youre screwed and they don’t get back to you with rejection notices?


Generally speaking, we prefer at least one good, usable image, although a minimum of three is ideal. I do want to stress that even with images, we do not guarantee that a place submission will be approved for publishing to the larger database. So again, seeking out images that require approval (which must then be forwarded to our editors in any case, as @CoolCrab mentions), is most often best left to our editors. There’s nothing wrong with seeking out the approval for images yourself, but I also don’t want you to have unrealistic expectations about our approval process.

In terms of the approval timeline, once you’ve submitted your entry, our editors will take a look at it within a couple of days, and should get back to you about its continuing status as soon as we can. While we have had issues in the past with place and food submissions falling into a sort of limbo, we’ve been taking great steps to make sure that that no longer occurs, and that you are notified about your submission in a timely fashion. If you ever have any questions about a specific submission, you can email our database editors directly at, and they’ll get back to you within 48 hours. I hope this helps, and please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.


well,good news, a couple days after submitting my entry, it still says “pending review” but my entries been considerably changed and improved. I had trouble filling in the address since it’s a foreign country, and that’s been fixed.

Was that the editors? They must like it if they put the effort to fix it or is that wishful thinking


While I can’t speak to any changes the editors might have made, thank you for continuing to work on the submission. I would suggest sending a message with your questions to the editors directly at, and they can fill you in with more accurate details.


From what I have seen, if it has keywords and links and jumped to the front of your submission queue its edited and will go live ‘soon’. You can check by submitting something and see if it appears before or after this spot or by editing it and seeing if the edit gets put in immediately or if the editors need to accept it. In the 2nd case its locked and ready to go.

I really wish that they would change the name to ‘publishing pending’ or anything else than ‘pending review’.


Apologies for any confusion the ‘Pending Review’ label may be causing, although that language may change with the general changes to the database submission process, so thank you for the feedback.

@SunnyDandthePurpleSt again, I would suggest that you reach out to the editors directly at with any questions you have about the status of a specific submission.


Nah I’m good, I’m sure it will work itself out, that was more the crab’s concern, thanks though


You can also search for images on Google that are labelled for reuse of various types. The picture attached should show you how to do so (simply click the “Tools” button and that will bring up the “Usage Rights” drop-down. They may not be in the creative commons per se, but the effect is the same.


The Library of Congress has big collection of digitized prints and photographs. A lot of the collection is historical images, but there’s some contemporary images as well. And it’s nearly all in the public domain. Prints & Photographs Online Catalog


Btw, i got my first place published so I’m pretty happy to add to Dublin’s sites