"Social Distancing Is Bringing Drive-In Theaters Back to Life" Discussion Thread

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Update concessions, Wi Fi sound to stereo plan,Improve via digital experience alone.
EZ exits & entry into area.
Can boost attendance alone esp for rural areas

Good idea, but they would have to close the concession stand for customers as well as the restrooms and require customers to remain in their cars for the duration. Most theaters make the majority of their profit on concessions, so they would also have to significantly raise the price. I guess you would have to take your own honey bucket with you!
Admission would have to be done with credit card reader, with patrons on-their-honor about the number in the car unless they go back to the price-per-car charge that we had when I was a kid, and would have to install secure card readers instead of having an employee at a booth.

In British Columbia both the Enderby and Prince George drive-ins are preparing to reopen. They close over the winter and open for spring/summer. I know the Starlight in Enderby is doing a bunch to make sure it’s safe, and to prepare for more business (I think they’re planning for fewer “seats” but more days open.