Some suggestions


I’m not going to put in the time to write the stubs/articles but I noticed a few omissions from my tavels:
Window Rock in New Mexico
Monument Valley (where John Ford movies were shot and where animators used the Road Runner/Wyle E Coyote cartoons as a model), UT/AZ border (or is it there?)
Santa Fe’s square-oldest city in America, right?
The first skilift’s ski chair in Sun Valley, Idaho
The geothermally heated tiles of Sun Valley
Lombard Street in San Franscisco (the one that’s real curvy)
Roosovelt Hotel on Hollywood Blvd (where the first Oscars were hosted and where a lot of other Hollywood history happened), LA
The entrances to the old mines that can be found in Park City, Utah
I was to a heated pool in Glenwood Springs that people can go swimming in. I’m not sure if that’s the one that’s listed under Glenwood Spring, Colorado


Thanks for the suggestions!