Sønderjyske Kaffebord" (southern Jutland coffee table)

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The name in Danish should be either Det Sønderjyske Kaffebord, or more correctly Sønderjysk Kaffebord. Also unfortunately the photo gives a very poor representation of a kaffebord.

The photos (more than one) are from the Åbenrå Folkehjem Sønderjysk Kaffebord. I’m sure you would agree that they are important to the history of the Sønderjysk Kaffebord.

Does anyone know if these Jutland delights might be available in New York City?


So Lagkagehuset just recently opened up a branch in New York they are a fairly decent Danish bakery chain. However I don’t know which breads and cakes they have at that one. Also a lot of the cakes on the Southern Jutland coffee table are fairly regional even within Denmark so hard to say.

I can put up some recipes if there’s a style of cake you would want to attempt to make.

This year marks the 100 year anniversary of the Southern Jutland reunification. Today marks the 100th anniversary (10 July, 1920) when King Christian X rode across the border at Frederikshøj on a white horse, as it had been foretold in a divination from 1881. It why he rode the white horse to make it come true.