Southern Butter Rolls

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My mom makes these. We call them cinammon rolls.
In all fairness though, they do differ from traditional cinnamon rolls in that they’re denser and more biscuit-like.


I have a very similar New Zealand recipe dating from the 1970s called 'Apple Raisin Pinwheels". Made in exactly the same way. The rolls include diced apple, raisins and quick-cooking breakfast oatmeal. The sugar syrup poured over them before baking contains lemon juice.


That sweet milk sauce reminds me of tres leches cakes from Latin America, which can be very good.


Rick Bragg wrote about these in his book “The Best Cook in the World.” I found a recipe for them online: Butter Rolls From Rick Bragg’s Mom | MGuerard | Copy Me That


I’ve never had a butter roll myself, but friends have told me that there are restaurants in Memphis that serve them. I Googled “butter rolls memphis” and found Ms. Shelbi L. Southern Belle’s place on American Way, where you can buy butter rolls to take out. Unfortunately, the write-up says “with a gourmet twist,” so beware.

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My mother made these but they had a filling of sugar, butter and cocoa powder. After baking they were served with a hot cocoa sauce. Delicious!!!

Where is the recipe?