Sponge Candy

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Oh Lord. Fresh crunchy Sponge Candy. Heat and humidity will kill the crunch, but when it’s fresh…every bite sort of explodes (in a good way) in your mouth. It’s been years since I’ve had some, but it’s one of my must have treats when I go back. Loganberry and Beef on 'Wick are the other two. Maybe a Ted’s dog.

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I am originally from Wisconsin. We called it Angel Food Candy. Oh man…do I miss it. They sell it at our Sprouts stores in New Mexico as Honeycomb. One of my all time favorites!

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We call it sea foam in Michigan as well. Grew up with it there, and stock up at Horrocks (they have it in dark chocolate) when ever we’re home visiting family.

So good.

Please! If you’re in the area Alethea’s is the ONLY place to go for Sponge Candy. The thin coating of chocolate is perfectly tempered and also nicely proportionate to the sponge part inside. Dark chocolate tastes best, but they also make it with milk chocolate and even a bag of mixed! I may have moved away but I still dream of this stuff. Do yourself the favor of trying it if you ever have the chance!!! Info here : https://www.aletheas.com/

It looks like a ‘Butterfinger’ candy bar. How similar is the taste? And does it stick to your teeth like a Butterfinger?2020-02-16T08:00:00Z

It is salty, caramelly, bitter (from the chocolate), and sweet. If you try a good sponge candy on location-- because the delicate consistency doesn’t travel well-- it is perhaps something like a gourmet Butterfinger.
The interior texture is quite tender, like a sponge made out of cotton candy. It does initially stick to your teeth but it melts within moments. The most enduring bit is the chocolate, actually. I have sometimes shaved off the chocolate to enjoy the pure deliciousness of the sponge alone. However, chocolate-free is not a sustainable state for a fragile and easily water-soluable candy.

Thanks for your reply.