Spook Hill

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This is one old Florida attraction that has facinated me most of my life. First experienced in the 1960s. I have visited here many times after. Hasn’t changed to much from the 60s until developement reared it’s ugly head. A little off the beaten path. The illusion is indeed something to try with your car. Many gravity related places, but this is one of the oldest around. Use an open mind and just have fun with it.

Was in the Molecular Wayback Machine heading back to the 1860s, but had to make a detour here at Spook Hill in Lake Wales! Wearing a Union uniform probably made the Indian Chief angry, so I probably have had a curse put on me! I was introduced to this place back in the mid sixties as a child. I was facinated by it! Relatively, this place hasn’t changed to much. It is still in a secluded neighborhood. The signs have changed a couple times through the years. Housing development has occured not to far from here. Back then, not to many trees and bushes. Now the main drag is surrounded by tall bushes and trees. The magic is still here! Your car appears to drift uphill! Classic spooky!