St. Mary's College

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I went yesterday, December 10th, 2019. It seems the chapel is torn down. I came to the GPS location and could not locate the chapel anywhere. It seems it was torn down. We found some ruble in the woods that looks like pillars, but not the ones pictured. We walked around that entire area with the hole in the floor, circled several times, walked through and across, could not find the chapel. We went up two different sets of stairs. First one further south of the tracks that led us to a road where trees were growing through old manholes. The second was the stairs mentioned. We went up both sets, the large ones and the ones in the woods, and nothing.
Does anyone know? Did I miss it somehow?

It’s very possible that the alter was torn down since the entry is from 2013, but as of October it was still there according to this Baltimore Sun article

I have added a note to the entry stating that some of the ruins may no longer be visible. Thanks for the info :fist:

You likely didn’t walk far enough. The trails are not marked, so you just have to keep going up and up and up. We went today and the alter is painted black with dragons and runes. it’s amazing to see.