Strange Tennessee

I’m a fan of haunted places. I’m not really a believer in ghosts or spooks, but I LOVE the stories and the atmosphere of these places. I recently joined a FB group called Strange Tennessee and while it is mostly people claiming in poorly constructed syntax that they “seen” their grandma in the smoke of their garbage fire out back, there are, occasionally some great posts. Good stories, interesting locations.

Recently someone asked “What’s the Haunted Place closest to where you live?” And what resulted was a gold mine of local lore and locations that are not quite popular or credible enough to get mentioned on sites like AO, but which are certainly worth a day trip., (Or night trip, if you dare.)

So, I started collecting the places mentioned on a map so I could explore them for myself. I’m sharing the map with two caveats:

  1. I have no idea about the validity of these stories. Bu almost all of these have multiple accounts of scary happenings at them.
  2. I have no idea about how accessible or legal visiting these sites is. You’ll have to do your own research about that before going.
  3. If you want me to add any, comment here.




Danbuck, you’re probably aware of Elmwood Cemetery in Memphis – many sightings and Strange Things have been reported there – and the sightings in houses in the Victorian Village, many very well substantiated, and Mary, the little girl seen in the aisles of the Orpheum. I’ve heard of sightings at the old site of Hutchinson School, too, but I don’t know how credible they are. Memphis has at least one popular ghost tour that got a lot of business in pre-pandemic days.

Thanks for these! I don’t know much about Memphis. I’m at the other end of the state and it would take nearly 7 hours to drive there.

I’ll add these to the list!

And I hope one day to learn more about Knoxville and the Appalachians – my knowledge of both is far too scanty!

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Check out Chattanooga.

Actually… start here: Spotify for a wild, true adventure through mystery, ghosts, and history of this really charming and storied town.

(Technically self-promotion but very on topic.) :slight_smile:

I just want to say, I’m glad there are others like me out there who love ghost stories despite not believing in the supernatural. I’m in LA where some movie star haunts every old place. It’s BS, but I’m here for the tall tales.


Well ghost stories are love and I have been hearing alot in my childhood days from my granny. Now I am curious to discover the supernatural powers.

The most famous TN haunted lore I grew up with was the Bell Witch legends. You can find the lore online, I’m pretty sure the house/ cave are still open to the public