Stumbling Stones of Rome

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Wow, you got me thinking about a Youth Hostel, where I stayed in graduate school in Halle, Germany. I knew about the “stumbling stone” outside near the entrance, but learned of it then.


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I had the privilege of witnessing some of these stumbling stones of Rome in person last month. They are small but tremendously powerful reminders of Nazi atrocities committed against Jews and other targeted groups of people. I found some of these memorials along the streets of the Jewish Ghetto and in Prati, north of the Vatican. Each time I came across some stumbling stones, I had to pause and consider lives lived and most often tragically lost in a concentration camp. I believe that is the purpose of the stumbling stones and I was deeply moved by them.


Reminds me of one of my visits to the National Holocaust Museum in DC. There’s an exhibit filled with all the shoes taken from victims as they entered the camps. The smell of the leather is something I can still vividly recall. Its so important that these things are still around as constant reminders of the atrocities we as humans are capable of and the need to be better. Thanks for sharing!