Sugar Loaf Ski Lodge

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There is a similar abandoned ski resort in Cable, WI. Telemark Lodge was featured in an episode of same program that attempted to save privately owned resorts, hotels and lodges. Telemark was once a well known and well run ski resort, but fell to disrepair after mismanagement. It sill hosts the finish line for a mountain bike race each year in September. The Fat Tire Face brings the slopes alive once more as mountain bikers streak to the finish line.

There’s one like this in the Poconos, too (a resort area in northeast PA between NYC and Philadelphia known for skiing and old honeymoon hotels). It’s called Penn Hills and is located in Analomink. On Google maps there are pictures of it in its current state.

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I used to come here with college friends back when we were all in school. We always stayed in one family’s townhouse to the right of the main lodge in your pictures. What great fun we used to have! Some spent the day skiing. I always went into town to the small little grocery and picked up fixings for dinner. I would spend the day relaxing and cooking. They would come back cold and hungry and I would have a hot meal waiting. Early 90s but seems like a lifetime ago.

@AnotherTime sounds like a great time! Thanks for sharing.