Suggest me top places to visit after Covid Lockdown

Hey, all the travel freaks, I am planning a long vacation after covid lockdown and I am here to know the best of the best places that I can hit after the lockdown to get a refreshing feeling and a calm mind as that would be the utmost requirement of the time. Do suggest to me top places and all the things that I can do or the foods I should try, in short everything you have experienced and want others to experience, please share.


Checkout Kashmir (India).

@imshreyagopal Kashmir has plenty of stunning places to offer and most of them are not explored much. Though, after the revocation of Ar. 370, travelling in Kashmir has become difficult. The situation is still tense.

@emma0122 If you’re planning to visit India after the pandemic, I would recommend you to go on a tour to Spiti valley and Lahaul in Himachal Pradesh.

First of all it would help if you mentioned what destinations you have in mind.

Are you planning on heading to Europe, North America, Asia or Latin America ?

I would suggest to choose those places where cases are low at the moment. So in that case you can choose UAE and India.

There are several places to visit in UAE during this time as tourist crowd is low >> Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Burj Khalifa (tallest building); Museum and several other places.

For India >> Goa, Rajasthan, Uttrakhand. Avoid going to South as cases are still high there.

If you go to San Francisco, the Pressroom and Mercantile at The Box SF is a must see!

Dubai is best place for you. Less Covid cases here and top destination place in global ranking.

Australia is amazing. I live in Victoria.
Travel between states us easy. Keep to East coast, lovely beach locations/spots to relax and soak in fresh air. You can do anything from hinterlands- reefs snorkeling in Queensland.
Melbourne has the food and coffee culture.
Sydney has accessible beaches and a city bay and great nightlife.
We are a very young culture, no ancient monuments- except Ularu!!

Obviously, I’m a little late in giving this advice, but if what you want to to feel calm and refreshed, then don’t wait until the pandemic is over. You should still take precautions when travelling, of course, but all the best places to find peace and calm are far away from cities and people, and they’ll only become more crowded after the pandemic as everyone starts answering that urge to get away after being cooped up for so long.

I recommend picking out some of America’s less visited National Parks (Yosemite and Yellowstone are lovely, but they’re also thronging with tourists most of the time. Go in the off season if you want to visit those). The Parks Service keeps statistics on visitation, so do some googling and you can figure out which places might be good options. Some of my personal favorites are Lassen Volcanic National Park (but it’s fairly inaccessible for a good 2/3rds of the year due to the snow pack. It’s lovely in the early summer when the snow’s finally melted and the flowers are in bloom) and Redwoods National and State Parks (It’s very spread-out and it’s tucked away in a relatively remote corner of California, so there aren’t nearly so many people. I just went about two months ago and had a ball. Fall and Winter are the best times for Redwoods, just make sure you bring raingear. Check whale migration patterns, too. There are a few good whale-watching spots along the coast depending on the time of year).

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Texas in the summer…if you like it hot. The beaches at Padre Island will cool you off. The sights in Corpus Christi are stunning. San Antonio has the River Walk…where it is peaceful and Serene. So many places…so much fun. The food is Fabulous…sonic has the best thickest shakes. Downtown Fort Worth has a great night life. You can head down to the Fort Worth Stock yards and enjoy the shops with souvenirs, boots, western clothing, lots of different foods to try. Texas is great…come and see us.:grin::wink:

I was in Texas for grad school, and I regret not getting to explore more of it before I left. Padre Island National Seashore and Big Bend National Park were on my list, but I didn’t have the money or free time to do much traveling. I did get to visit Texas Hill Country and that was lovely. I definitely miss the barbecue, too.