Suggestions for haunted locations?

I’m planning a group tour of reportedly haunted locations in Northeast England and Southeast Scotland for next year and looking for places to add to it. These would be sites that offer tours or allow visitors, and have some cool historical or architectural interest. Not looking for “haunted tours” necessarily - just interesting locations with some history. I’d appreciate any leads or ideas you can provide. Thanks!


I personally do not have any experience with any of these places listed, just thought I would get the ball rolling. Culzean Castle is on my bucket list, it is associated with the film “Wicker Man” (1973), Lord Summerisle’s residence. Ghosts of the Trust | National Trust for Scotland Not sure if this is too far west, but Sawney Bean’s Cave is located in Ayrshire. Sawney Bean & his incestuous cannibalistic family supposedly lived here & disposed of their victims here. Was the inspiration for Wes Craven’s “The Hills Have Eyes”. Again, not sure if the location is out of the way, this way to the north, Slains Castle, inspiration for the Count’s Castle in Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” New Slains Castle, The Real Dracula Castle? - Spooky Isles Speaking of “Dracula” the town of Whitby is must for any goth fiend.


Hi, Seanetta,

Thanks so much for the tips and the links. There’s a lot of good stuff on those sites. And I love the idea of Whitby. :slight_smile:

Best to you.

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I will be in Whitby in about 2 weeks! Can’t wait!

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Not to over hype/sell it, but think you’ll fall in <3 ! The Magpie Cafe is a MUST, they do both sit down (reservations a must on weekends) & take away (but be WARY of the sea gulls, NO JOKE!). Rusty Shears a great place for tea/coffee, soup, & sandwiches & of course GIN! They close @ 5 PM Rusty Shears Tea Room. I ASS + U + ME you’ll be going to the Abbey, but no trip to Whitby is complete without a stop at the Whitby Museum, be sure to say “Hi Ya” to ‘Clarence’ for me!

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Wow! How interesting, I will definitely keep these in mind when I visit Scotland. I recently read through all of Kate Atkinson’s books and am also planning a trip hopefully sometime next year. Thanks, Seanetta! :smiley:

Yum! Always looking for good places to eat and ESPECIALLY places with a little something extra. :+1:t2: