Swag? Take my money!

Where are the AO shirts? Mugs? Clothing?

I want people trying to tap on my chest because my shirt has the Places map and they are trying to zoom in!

I want my coffee with cream and wonder!

I want to impress my wife with my Dylan Thuras Thong!

Do these things exist somewhere? Can they?

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Hahaha, thanks @danbuck! It’s certainly true that we’re woefully short on swag. We did offer t-shirts until quite recently, but unfortunately, our partnership with that vendor is on hold. So at the moment, it’s really just our books and this cool print we did in collaboration with WANDERWIDE:

That said, will take your note as a definite nudge to produce more!

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Hey Tyler,
Maybe do a Threadless.com model of a t shirt design contest. Have the Atlas community design shirts and post about 5 styles and have the community vote on their favorite. Announce the winner, give them a free class or something and then produce that shirt and we’ll all buy one. Just a thought. Thanks for what you do.

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would be cool!