Syracuse Salt Potatoes

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Looks rather like Cararian “papas arrugadas” aka wrinkly potatoes. Tiny potatoes boiled in heavily salted water (originally sea water was used) and served with mojo rojo and mojo verde sauces. A Canarian staple and a great snack with a beer.


I went to Syracuse University from California, and I remember one of the local students trying to convince me taste some. I did. And I’ve been addicted ever since. I returned to California, and I still make it a few times a year. Like at Thanksgiving, because I hate mashed potatoes.

I’ve gotten a few Californians on board, but it’s mostly fellow SU alumni who want me to make it for them. It’s not like this is difficult.

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Those are ‘papas arrugás/arrugadas’, no doubt… I wonder if there was a significative amount of canarian immigration in that zone, like there was in other parts of the country. Or maybe it’s just sheer coincidence.

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Really? we have this in California? i wish I could taste some! most of these things i never tasted due to high toxicity, bad cooks, and i never have enough money to go traveling. Heck, i haven’t even tried IT’S IT yet even though i live in SF! sad life for me.

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