Tank Graveyard

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I was there in 1995 working on a demining project for the DoD. I have photos even! I’ll have to find and post them. Thanks for the post/walk down memory lane. Also, FYI, the former Kagnew Station was located very nearby

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If you do get a hold of those photos, feel obliged to upload them to the place entry, the more the merrier!! And glad we could reignite a memory!!

Ideal site to reuse tanks etc for props or rebuild for fee rides or backdrop for war movies?? awesome, Problem: shipping tanks to US, West for reuse, etc from said nation.

I think you missed the part about it being a memorial to the Eritreans’ 30 year war for independence.
It’s the Tank Graveyard, as in, people died and this is what preserves their memory. It’s not a not a Tank Junkyard put there for boorish, culturally ignorant westerners to take home an make carnival rides out of.


That 2 to honor but tank rides would NOT be in museum area, tanks shipped to other locales for rides , etc