Taroko Gorge

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To get past the lines of tour busses clogging the entrance and most famous sites, rent a scooter and wind your way into the gorge to less-travelled spots!

Even without a motorcycle-class license, visitors should be able to rent 50cc scooters from the local shops.

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Taroko Gorge Taiwan ā€“
I went to Taroko Gorge in 1971 during a week on R&R from Vietnam. Hualien was a tiny, sleepy rural town. We were likely the only tourists, climbing to the top of the (only) little temple, seeing the night soil gatherers in the early foggy morning. The gorge of sparkling white marble was spectacular and a source of great pride, with some emphasis upon how recently the extremely difficult construction of the highway through the entire gorge had been completed. The very narrow highway with, in places, little or no room for two vehicles over soaring cliffs in the middle of nowhere was thrilling. It was clearly an unknown and very memorable wonder of the world.


Thanks for this reflection on Taroko in an earlier era! Iā€™d be so curious to hear your thoughts if you visited again.