Tarpon Springs Epiphany Celebration

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nice article, it was nice to read about this tradition on Atlas Obscra. I have a few comments. the Eastern Orthodox calls this holiday “Theophany”, it is called Epiphany in western Christianity. Both are actually Greek words, for some reason a different names was used in the west, than in the east, for the same holiday.

also, this celebration is held by all Orthodox Christian all over the world, not just n Tarpon Springs. It is done by Greek and Russian Orthodox churches, as well as Serbian Orthodox, Romanian Orthodox and all other Eastern Orthodox communions. It is even celebrated in Ethiopia by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, and is one of the largest in attendance. In the United States it is celebrated in New York, Chicago, Long Beach CA, and where ever there are large populations of Orthodox Christians. In colder climates, swimmers are not so common to recover the blessing cross, so often they retrieve the cross with a string attached.

This celebration in Tarpon Springs is perhaps one of the largest outside of Greece, but it is not the only one.