Tell Us About the Greatest Animals You've Met On Your Travels



He looks like he has a bit of Fox terrier in him


Yes, loved the wiry hair and coloration!


I met this beautiful cat when passing through the small south coast town of Vík in Iceland! She walked right up to my friend and I and even followed us all the way to the grocery store!


Its brilliant to hear that you helped him get to the pond. A lot of people hate these creatures , but personally I think they are adorable little monsters.

They have a pretty high mortality rate when young but if he is able to make it past the trials of early life , he might live half a century or more , god speed to the little guy.


I have to tell you about the sloth that fought back…

I was in Brazil a few years ago and met a few German exchange students who were traveling around in the country. In their car between Caraguatatuba (I just love that name) and Paraty we started talking about sloths and I told them about one I’d seen crawling across a road the day before. They hadn’t seen any even though the had been there for a while but just as they said that we saw a Brazilian guy carrying one across the highway we were on (sloths are really slow and apparently people stop to help them across the road).

We stopped and walked over to the guy who offered us to hold the sloth. One of the German guys held it right below its forelimbs, just like the Brazilian guy had done. It was just that he didn’t hold close enough to the limbs so the sloth could move its arms. So while his friends were taking pictures of him the sloth slooooowly (I can’t really point out how slow they are too many times) turned around and put his claws in the guy’s arm. He started screaming because even though they’re slow they’re apparently strong and have sharp claws. He put the sloth down on the ground and I looked at him and said “you just lost a fight to a sloth”. :rofl:


I love a good sloth story. You may want to take a look at this poll we ran a while back (it’s closed now) about whether sloths are cute or disgusting:

I voted in the minority. I think they are gross.


Wow, those are bike tire tracks? So the little thing was tiny!


Thats an awesome story ! , dont mess with the sloths. Out of curiosity how badly was the German dude hurt?

I made the mistake you describe the German making when I picked up a tamandua anteater at a rehabilitation centre , they are a relative of the sloth and they have similarly sharp claws. Its bloody painful to say the least.

They are little monsters and they seem to be fearless when they are pissed off , they just walk around with their sharp little claws and frankenstein’s monster looking defence posture.


Thank you for this.



Unexplained: the cameo appearance of the kangaroo.


Nah , herbivorous home boy be representing da marsupial crew , Western Australia represent !

Joking aside , I really hate to see wild animals dressed up in little outfits like that , I bet they find it annoying too


The guy was okay, the claws left a mark in his skin for a while but that was it. :slight_smile:


Glad to hear Nick


Last month I took a horseback falconry lesson in England and met these two absolute gentlemen: Caymans, a one-eyed retired racehorse, and Floki, a golden eagle. Getting to interact with, and honestly just be in the presence of, these two magnificent creatures was so incredible that if I didn’t have photographic proof it happened, I’d think it was all a crazy dream.


It’s hard for me to overstate how much I like this story.


Yes! Probably 7-8" long, including the tail.


I agree, they ARE adorable little monsters!

I loved his tiny beady striped eyes and pointed nose. And the little claws and serrated, whip-like tail!

And he was as still as a stone.


Stunning photo!


A couple of years ago I remember reading about a huge snapping turtle being found in a duckpond at a nursing /retirement home in the UK.

For years any ducks visiting the pond would be fed bread by the old folks then mysteriously disappeared after a couple of days. If I remember correctly there was even a longstanding joke among the staff and old folks at the home about “the duckpond monster”.

Then a couple of years ago they discover this huge snapper basking on the lawn or something like that. It turned out to be 30 years old and probably lived there since the 70’s.

Reality is strange and I guess I love the way the bizarre and extraordinary intrudes on the cotidian grind of life.


Gosh. About 10 years ago I was traveling alone through Costa Rica. I had a taxi drive me between two coastal cities because no buses were running between them and I didn’t want to connect back through San José. The taxi driver said absolutely nothing the whole 2ish-hour trip and suddenly started screaming “perezoso”—or “lazy” in Spanish. I’m fluent, so imagine my confusion when my cab driver suddenly started calling me lazy. We were in the middle of the jungle with no other cars on the road. He slowly slowed down into a total stop. My anxiety was boiling. He encouraged me to get out of the cab, continuing to shout “perezoso.” I peered over the window and behold, a SLOTH! The three-toed friend was crossing the street and the cab driver just wanted to make sure he got there before another car accidentally hit it.

Turns out the first time I had seen a live sloth was also the first time I had ever had a conversation in Spanish about sloths. Kudos to you, friend-0f-animals cab driver. I just wish I had taken my camera out of my bag!