Tell Us About the Greatest Animals You've Met On Your Travels



What a sweet dog! I love his tail.


Hahaha ! I didn’t see your comment , great story , I can imagine a taciturn Tico trying to get a sloth to cross the road.

Ive got to hand it to them , in general Ticos are pretty responsible (with some exceptions) when it comes to conserving their fauna.


I was astounded at how much respect Costa Ricans, across the entire country, had for the environment. Much different than the U.S.!


Totally agree Schultjh , they are a very positive example in a very troubled region in soooooo many ways.


Haunting! Love to see the ohotos!


They used to be animals.

I found many of these taxidermy at the Science Museum of the University of Coimbra.


Wonderful pictures nagnabodha !

Judging by the mane of the male , the lion picture shows a subspecies which is now very rare in the wild (I think) the Angolan lion , it was almost wiped out by the war in the 70’s and 80’s.


That’s quite possible, since Angola was colonized by the Portuguese.


I’m not 100 % sure about it as lions are not really my thing , but the mane on the male specimen is pretty thin and blonde which that subspecies seems to have.

A question , was there lots of African species represented in the taxidermy collection ? or also species from other parts of the world ?

I need to thank you Nagnabodha as your photo has reminded me of something I’ve been thinking of for a while. I’ve been considering adding an entry for France of “Parc Des Felins” where that species is kept. It’s a really beautiful feline conservation centre just outside of Paris in spectacular rural surroundings that maintains breeding groups of most of the worlds endangered wild cat species.

One of the best “Zoos” (I guess I’m uneasy of putting it in that category as it is much more than a zoo and its organizational ethics are astoundingly good) I’ve ever been to. I have very fond memories of being there with my dad a couple of years back when it was pouring down with rain , got soaked to the skin but in spite of the downpour it was a lovely and unforgettable day trip.